Facilities || NETI

Image: Map of the Facilities

BlockStructureTotal Floor SpaceRemarks
Main Building RC-3 2,216m2
1F Director's Fioom, Deputy Director's Room
General Affairs Section, Educational Affairs Section
Lecturers' Waiting Room
2F Chief Professor's Room, Professors' Rooms, 4Lecture Rooms
3F Auditorium
International Training Building RC- 3 1,955.7m2
1F Atrium, Administration room, Meeting Room, Workshop Room,
Analysis Room, Preparation Room,
Temperature,humidity controlled laboratory
2F Library, Audiovisual Room, Medium-sized Seminar Room
3F Large-sized Seminar Room, Small-sized Seminar Room
Building for General Analysis RC-3 2,197m2
1F 1 Analysis Room, Equipment Room
2F 3 Analysis Rooms, Preparation Room, Sample Room
3F 3 Analysis Rooms, Preparation rioom, Sample Room
Building for Advanced Analysis RC-3 1,054m2
1F GC and MS Room, Pretreatment Room
Waste Depository, Data Processing Room
2F HPLC Room, 2 Pretreatment Rooms,
Mass Spectrometer Room
3F 2 Biological Experiment Rooms, Pretreatment Room,
Measurement Room
Annex to the
Analysis Building
RC-2 599.1m2
1F Data Processing Room Preparation Room,
Waste Depository
2F 2 GC/MS Rooms, 2 Pretreatment Rooms
Building for Welfare RC-1 450m2 Dining hall, Bathroom, Shower Room
Dormitory RC-5 4,299.7m2
1F Tearoom, 2 Lounges 2 Recreatlon Rooms,
2 Meeting rooms, Study Room, Visitor Accommodation
2F Lecturer Accommodation (3 rooms),
25 Dormitory Rooms
3F to 5F 96 Dormitory Rooms
Sports Ground for sports activities
Tennis Court for playlng tennis